Beds for Michal and Ori’s children

Total Cost - USD 773
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 773

Michal, 48, and Ori, 53, are truly suffering. They are raising 11 children, ages 3-22, and have lost three children to Tay-Sachs.

Michal had a successful career in computers but stopped working to care for her dying daughter. Since her death, Michal has been unable to return to work. Ori works as a secretary in a yeshiva and earns a very low salary.

Michal created an innovative computer program that she is now trying to sell but has so far been unsuccessful. The couple is struggling to make ends meet on their current income. Their house is in desperate need of renovation, with major plumbing and sewage issues.

The family’s most desperate need right now are beds for their two youngest daughters. They are currently sleeping in their sister’s old hospital bed which, in addition to being completely inappropriate, also takes up a huge amount of room in the already crowded home.

Though new beds are an expense that Michal and Ori cannot afford right now, their daughters definitely deserve a good night’s sleep.

Verified by: Orit Bat Ayin, Department of Social Services, Ramat Eshkol | Case No.: 220262
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