Beds for Maya’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,280
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,280

Maya, 46, needs our help.

Maya and her husband divorced two years ago. She has full custody of their four children, and her ex-husband has visitation rights. He tries to help Maya as much as possible, but he is wheelchair-bound and has numerous health issues.

For many years, Maya worked as a kindergarten assistant. For the past year, she has been unemployed. She is in a new relationship, and her current partner helps her financially as best he can.

Maya is currently receiving help from social services in researching her rights, building a sound financial plan and getting the proper help for her children, three of whom are learning in special ed classes.

The family’s four-room apartment is cramped and dilapidated. They are missing basic furnishings, and the children have no toys or games.

Maya’s most desperate need right now are beds for her children. They are all sleeping on broken beds that should no longer be in use.

Every child deserves a sturdy bed to sleep on; let’s help make this happen.

Verified by: Sarah Yanz, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East | Case No.: 230272
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