Beds for the Malachi family’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,168
Still Needed - USD -1
Funded - USD 1,169

The Malachi family’s story is one of poverty, pain and extreme hardship. Miriam and Yaakov have nine children and live in a small three bedroom apartment down South. Two of their sons served in the army in combat positions and a third is currently serving. Yet the family hasn’t beds for all of their children.

As a child, Yaakov suffered years of physical abuse. His wife, Miriam, arrived in Israel with her family from Morocco where one of her siblings was murdered. Despite her difficult childhood, Miriam completed 12 years of study and completed all of her matriculation exams. She married Yaakov at a young age and the marriage was never an easy one. Battling a drug addiction, Yaakov was often abusive and the couple eventually divorced. A few years later, when Yaakov suggested a reconciliation Miriam hesitantly agreed as she thought her children were suffering tremendously as a result of the divorce. Unfortunately, the new reality was not a pleasant one. Yaakov’s health declined, and he was unable to work. Miriam was left alone to raise and support her nine children and the burden has been tremendous. Though she works part time, the family basically lives off the medical stipends provided by the government. Miriam ignores her own physical hardships in order to divert all her efforts and means towards her children.

Thanks to Miriam’s efforts, the family’s apartment is clean and tidy. Their furniture is very basic and much of it is old and broken. At the very least, Miriam would like help purchasing two new beds, as some of her children are currently sleeping on mattresses on the floor, including her soldier son, when he returns home for Shabbat.

Verified by: Rivkah Gabaleive, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 200088
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