Beds for Lital’s children

Total Cost - USD 966
Still Needed - USD -411
Funded - USD 1,376

Lital, 30, is struggling terribly as she raises four young children (ages 1.5-7) on her own. Now divorced, Lital was an abused wife. Her ex-husband refuses to pay child support, and Lital is afraid to sue him because of his violent nature. Because she has four young children at home, Lital cannot hold down a job; she supports her family on a monthly government stipend and disability payments for her oldest child who has been diagnosed with autism.

Until the beginning of this year, Lital lived in a rental apartment. A month ago, she received a phone call that she was entitled to a public housing apartment. At the exact same time, Lital was rushed to the hospital for emergency kidney surgery. She had 48 hours to move into her new apartment or risk losing it. Since all of the furnishings in her rental belonged to her landlord, Lital and her children moved into a completely empty apartment.

Lital is now dealing with her family’s daily cost-of-living, their monthly expenses, her and her son’s medical expenses and a mountain of debt. She is also expected to undergo surgery imminently in order to remove a kidney stone. Lital’s financial situation has also impacted her emotional health, and she is struggling on every front.

Currently, Lital and her children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Needless to say, she cannot afford to buy beds for her children, but a good night’s sleep would certainly go a long way to improving everyone’s quality of life.

Verified by: Manar Vated, Department of Social Services, Holon | Case No.: 220129
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