Beds for Limor and Eran’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Limor, 45, and Eran, 52, don’t have it easy. All six of their children (ages 4-17) have been diagnosed with either developmental delays, speech issues, autism, depression or anxiety disorder; some of the kids suffer from more than one of these issues.

To add to the couple’s troubles, two of the children often refuse to go to school and need constant supervision. Limor, who used to work as a bookkeeper, had to quit her job in order to take charge at home.

For now, the family survives on Eran’s income as a salesman. With the various therapies and medications that the children need, the couple struggles to make ends meet.

Limor and Eran’s most desperate need right now are new beds for three of their kids; two are sleeping on mattresses on the floor and one is on a broken youth bed.

Every child deserves a decent night’s sleep; let’s help Limor and Eran’s children get one.

Verified by: Moria Robinson, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 230440
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