Beds for Inbal and Erez’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Inbal, 41, and Erez, 43, desperately need our help.

A year and a half ago, Erez was arrested for abusive behavior. He spent two months in prison and was then released to house arrest at a relative’s home. Two months ago, Erez moved back in with his family, and they are trying to rebuild their lives.

Inbal and Erez have seven children (ages 4-18). Needless to say, all of the children have undergone emotional trauma. The family has also fallen into debt as a result of loss of income and heavy legal fees.

Recently, Inbal and Erez joined a social services program that is helping them redirect their lives. They are receiving parenting and financial mentoring, as well as individual and family therapy.

Inbal and Erez are determined to move forward. In the meantime, they desperately need new beds for two of their children who are currently sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

Every innocent child deserves a good night’s sleep; let’s help Inbal and Erez’s children get one.

Verified by: Rachela Peretz Kirschenbaum, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 230367
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