Beds for Hannah and her sisters

Total Cost - USD 975
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 975

Hannah was born after a normal pregnancy but within two months, she was hospitalized with respiratory problems. It soon became clear that she had a host of issues, including apoplexy, a heart defect, hearing loss and widespread developmental delays. Now four years old, Hannah needs constant attention and support, as well as many doctors’ visits.

Her parents are devoted to caring for her, as well as for her three younger sisters. Hannah’s mother is a daycare aide, but she cannot work and care for Hannah at the same time. Her father learns in a kollel. They have very little money. Hannah’s family lives in a tiny two-bedroom apartment. The girls sleep on mattresses on the floor, while the two-month-old baby has a crib.

It would obviously be healthier for the girls to have their own beds, in order to assure a good night’s sleep for everyone. Unfortunately, Hannah’s parents cannot afford to buy the fold-out sleeper that would fit into the room.

Verified by: Shira Keler, Department of Social Services, Ashdod - Rehabilitation Department | Case No.: 200156
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