Beds for Dena and Chaim

Total Cost - $ 759
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 759

Dena and Chaim, both 22, are a struggling young couple who are trying to build themselves a brighter future.

Dena and Chaim got married less than a year ago. Tragically, Dena’s father died suddenly on their wedding day. Since then, Dena has been under psychological treatment due to this trauma, as well as other difficulties during her childhood.

Chaim’s family life wasn’t easy either. His father is emotionally disabled and has trouble functioning on a daily basis. Chaim’s mother raised him and his siblings and provided the family’s only income.

Both Dena and Chaim are determined to break the cycle of poverty they grew up in. They are both studying towards a degree – Chaim in Electrical Engineering and Dena in Architecture. After he finishes his degree this year, Chaim is planning to enlist in the IDF before beginning his career.

Neither Dena nor Chaim can work steadily because of their studies. When they can (for instance, during summer break), they take odd jobs. They are covering their tuition costs with various scholarships and are trying their hardest to make ends meet.

Dena and Chaim are moving shortly in order to be closer to her family. The furnishings they currently have are minimal. They desperately need new beds, but this is an expense that they cannot afford. As they move forward in their attempts to build a stable future, Dena and Chaim deserve a good night’s sleep.

Verified by: Meir Krandel, LeMaan Achai, Beit Shemesh | Case No.: 210548
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