Bed for Yosef

Total Cost - $ 653
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 653

Yosef overcame a traumatic childhood to become an accomplished artist. At the peak of his career, he showed his art in galleries all over the world. After a violent friend tried to throw him off of a balcony in Paris, Yosef returned to Israel to heal. The incident triggered the emotional issues that he thought he had overcome and led to post-traumatic stress from which he is still struggling.

The high monthly cost of his medications, coupled with the loss of income, has been catastrophic for Yosef. Without a home, he has spent the past three months bouncing between the homes of friends. His social worker has recently found a room for him to rent, so that he will have a stable roof over his head. Yosef is looking forward to moving in and settling down. He cannot afford furniture, however, and without a bed it will be hard to call this place home.

Verified by: Einat Gutman Htsamri Shavit, Department of Social Services, Youth and Young- Netanya | Case No.: 200250
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