Bed for Yaákov

Total Cost - $ 740
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 740

Since Ya’akov, 20, was young, he has suffered from behavioral disorders, anxiety, ADHD and outbursts of anger. It is hard for him to develop and maintain social relationships.

However, he is working hard to overcome these issues. He is careful to take his medication regularly and comes promptly and consistently to his weekly meetings with his social worker.

Ya’akov works in a factory in the mornings, but his afternoons are free. With little reason to leave the house, he spends his time reading, doing creative writing, playing computer games and surfing the Internet. He lives at home but has little contact with his parents. His father is in jail for violence against his mother, and his mother, who does not work, relies on her disability stipend.

In addition to his salary, Ya’akov also receives a disability stipend. Together, though, they barely cover his costs of living. Recently, Ya’akov’s bed broke. Ya’akov is very tall and fairly heavy. He needs a strong, wide bed and a mattress without springs in order to sleep comfortably. While a good night’s sleep is vital to his well-being, Yaákov cannot afford to buy himself a new bed.

Verified by: Alon Asayag, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 210102
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