Bed for Sofia

Total Cost - $ 553
Still Needed - $ -1
Funded - $ 553

Osnat, 25, is a single mother to two daughters, Sofia, aged 5, and Noa, aged 9 months. Osnat is not in contact with Sofia’s father. She is now married to Noa’s father, Tomas, who comes from Africa and is not an Israeli citizen. As a result, their marriage is not recognized by the state.

Osnat is on 100% disability due to severe emotional issues. She never finished school, didn’t perform her Army service and has never held a steady job. As a non-citizen, Tomas cannot work either which makes the couple’s financial situation extremely unstable.

Currently, Sofia is sleeping on a toddler bed which is much too small for her. As Osnat and Tomas struggle to survive, a good night’s sleep is the very least this little girl deserves.

Verified by: Sivan Alon, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 200463
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