Bed for Shachar

Total Cost - USD 594
Still Needed - USD 1
Funded - USD 593

Anat, 43, is raising three children (ages 10-15) on her own.

Anat and her husband divorced a few years ago, and he pays child support only erratically. Anat works full time as a secretary but struggles to make ends meet. In the past, she received financial help from her father, but he passed away recently and she is now truly on her own.

Anat’s oldest son, Shachar, outgrew his bed a long time ago; he sleeps curled up with his feet hanging over the edge. This is obviously an untenable situation for a growing child.

Anat, who is doing her best to stand on her own two feet, deserves our help.

Verified by: Simi Hibsh, Department of Social Services, Ariel | Case No.: 230423
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