Bed for Rina

Total Cost - USD 537
Still Needed - USD -15
Funded - USD 552

Shoshana, 39, and Ephraim, 36, have four young children, ages 2-11. The couple are in dire financial straits. Shoshana suffers from a chronic illness that has left her wheelchair-bound. Ephraim takes care of his wife full-time, as well as of their four children. The family gets assistance from social services but otherwise survives on Shoshana’s monthly disability stipend.

In addition to their monthly cost of living, Shoshana and Ephraim have outstanding expenses such as upgrading Shoshana’s wheelchair, paying for extensive dental treatment as a result of her illness, and other major expenditures. The one expense that they desperately need covered right now is a new bed for their six-year-old daughter Rina. Every child deserves a good night sleep and currently, Rina isn’t getting one.

Verified by: Michal Sharon, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 210221
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