Bed for Nira’s Son

Total Cost - USD 865
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 865

Nira suffers from Addison’s disease. It has weakened her muscles to the extent that she can no longer stand and is completely reliant on a wheelchair. Nira cannot use the couch in her living room because it is too narrow and too low to allow her to transfer herself from the wheelchair and back, and is so old and worn that sitting on it causes her sharp pain. Without that as an option, Nira, 51, spends the day in bed or in her wheelchair.

Nira’s 15-year old son is in boarding school but comes home every two weeks. When he does, he sleeps on the couch, which is not comfortable for him either. Nira would like to replace the current wreck with a couch that can fold out into a bed for her son when he is home, and would act as an appropriate sofa for her the rest of the time. But as she is unable to work because of her illness, Nira’s finances are very tight and she cannot cover the purchase of a couch.

Verified by: Dikla Hauven, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 200015
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