Bed for Lily’s son

Total Cost - $ 427
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 427

Lily’s arranged marriage fell apart several years ago, when her children were little. Her former husband has not been in touch with the family since then and pays no child support. For a while, Lily, 38, and the two kids lived with her family. She worked as a cleaner and earned enough to cover most of their needs. The situation became harder when the three moved to their own apartment. As their expenses increased, Lily’s health, both physical and mental, declined. She suffered from pain in her joints, weakness and difficulty breathing, as well as anxiety and depression.

Lily is receiving treatment, but as the situation deteriorated, she had to stop working. To make matters worse, Lily does not yet have the necessary documents to support her request for a disability stipend. In the meantime, her savings are running out. Social services have helped with food, clothing and some furniture. Now, however, Lily’s 13-year-old son needs a new bed, as he long ago grew out of his old one. Unfortunately, Lily cannot afford to buy one for him.

Verified by: Ayala Ron, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East | Case No.: 210239
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