Bed for Guy

Total Cost - USD 537
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 537

Rosa, 49, came to Israel from Russia eight years ago. She is single and raising two children, ages 13 and 19, on her own.

Rosa worked in a supermarket until two years ago when the Corona crisis hit. She was let go and has been on unemployment ever since. Unfortunately, Rosa is suffering from a number of medical issues and has not been able to go back to work.

Rosa and her children have no family to depend on. Rosa manages to cover their daily needs and keeps their small apartment clean and tidy. The family, however, is missing certain basic necessities. Among them, most pressing, is a bed for Rosa’s 13-year-old son, Guy. A new bed would certainly go a long way towards improving the life of this growing child.

Verified by: Moriah Beitches, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 210749
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