Bed for Gil

Total Cost - $ 512
Still Needed - $ 412
Funded - $ 100

Shani, 40, is raising her four-year-old son, Gil, on her own.

Shani graduated university with a degree in Sociology and Criminology. She lived on her own in the center of the country and worked steadily, both in her field and in the music industry.

In 2014, she met her partner, Rafi, and after three years together, they had Gil. Though Rafi was chronically ill (he suffered from hemophilia), they built a very happy life together.

At the beginning of this year, Rafi died suddenly from an aneurism. His passing left Shani and Gil in an emotional and financial turmoil.

For the time being, mother and son have moved in with Shani’s mother. Gil is enrolled in kindergarten and also attends horse-riding therapy. At the same time, Shani is trying to get back on her feet.

Shani’s most desperate need right now is a bed for Gil. At the moment, the two of them are sleeping in one bed (which belonged to Shani’s deceased father). Unfortunately, this is an expense that Shani cannot afford right now.

There is no doubt that a good night’s sleep for both Shani and Gil would go a long way towards helping them heal.

Verified by: Yuli Ankri, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 230542
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