Bed for Boris

Total Cost - USD 491
Still Needed - USD 93
Funded - USD 398

Boris, 70, immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe nine years ago. He is divorced with two children, both of whom suffer from psychological issues and cannot help their father in any way.

Boris has had trouble acclimating to life in Israel and doesn’t speak Hebrew. He survives on a monthly government subsidy.

The apartment where Boris has been living was recently sold, and he has been homeless ever since. At long last, he is moving into a room in a local hostel.

Boris’ room is unfurnished except for a single closet. His most desperate need is a bed, an expense he cannot afford.

With a little bit of help, we can help Boris live with a minimum of dignity.

Verified by: Maria Sofer, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 230392
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