Bed for Avia and Bar

Total Cost - USD 592
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 592

Avia, 20, is doing her best to raise her 18-month-old son, Bar, on her own. Avia herself had a very difficult childhood; she had a volatile relationship with her parents and was socially ostracized in school. As the years went by, Avia displayed at-risk behavior, which included hanging with a dangerous crowd, drug use and promiscuity (which led to an unplanned pregnancy when she was 17.5 years old).

Today, Avia is determined to turn her life around. She works in a coffee shop, and supports herself and Bar on her wages and a monthly government stipend.

Avia has also joined a social services program that helps young parents of pre-school age children understand their rights and options, and supports them with parenting courses and other services. Avia attends sessions regularly and is a very devoted mother.

Despite working, Avia struggles to make ends meet. Three months ago, she and Bar moved from a furnished rental apartment to an unfurnished one. During the course of the move, their bed broke. Avia needs help buying a new double bed (Bar sleeps with her due to nursing and sleep issues) so that they can both get a good night’s sleep and continue making progress towards building a brighter future.

Verified by: Michal Goldstein, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 220191
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