Baking and pastry chef course for Baara

Total Cost - USD 1,527
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,527

Baara is a young woman desperately trying to rise out of a complicated and traumatic childhood. She is 20 years old and is the second-to-eldest in a blended family of 9 children.

Neither Baara’s father nor her mother’s current partner lives in the home, and Baara’s relationship with her mother is fraught with tension. Much of Baara’s energy and income from her job at a box factory go into caring for her 7 younger siblings.

Baara has made a previous attempt to leave home. When it proved to be unsuccessful, she moved back home and joined a local education and employment program for young people with similarly challenging backgrounds. The program is helping her to register for a baking and pastry chef course.

The course is held during the evening hours and lasts for 8 months. Baara is extremely motivated and intends on attending classes while continuing to work during the day.

When she completes the course, Baara will have the certification she needs to work at a bakery or cafe with the hopes of earning enough to strike out on her own.

Verified by: Gila Amsalem, The Yated Program | Case No.: 180351
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