Armchair for Tzippi

Total Cost - USD 255
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 255

Tzippi, 61, is living a very sad and difficult life. She immigrated to Israel from South America at the age of 12. Today, Tzippi is divorced, with two grown children. She always suffered from physical ailments, which have only intensified over the years.

Tzippi was a dialysis patient for many years, until she eventually underwent a kidney transplant. A few years ago, she underwent spinal surgery and has since been unable to function on her own. She lives in chronic pain, can only walk very short distances with the help of a walker and cannot leave home on her own. Unfortunately, Tzippi has no family support. One of her children is special needs and unable to help her in any way; the other has his own family to care for and is mostly unavailable to help his mother.

Tzippi survives on her monthly disability payments. She receives 24-hour-a-day medical help from a non-profit organization that aids disabled individuals. Short of that, she is on her own.

Tzippi spends most of the day sitting in front of the television. She doesn’t even have a comfortable place to sit in her apartment. If she could get a comfortable armchair, Tzippi’s quality of life would greatly improve.

Verified by: Moshe Ashuri, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 210255
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