Air conditioner for Benny

Total Cost - USD 837
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 837

Benny, 60, is living a sad and lonely existence.

Benny survives on a monthly disability stipend. He suffers from both emotional and physical issues, including a severe hoarding disorder. Of late, Benny has also displayed signs of memory loss.

Benny is single and has no family support. He is poor at financial planning and is now getting help from social services so that he can pay off his heavy debts. While he is making slow progress, at the end of the month, Benny is often left with little money to meet his needs.

Benny, who lives in Jerusalem, is very frugal. In the cold of winter, he hesitates to use his space heater as it is expensive to run. Given his dire physical condition, the extreme heat and cold are brutal for him.

If Benny could get help buying an air-conditioning/heating unit (which is much cheaper to run than a space heater), there is no question his quality of life would improve.

Verified by: Tehila nado, Department of Social Services, Jerusalem - West | Case No.: 220765
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