Air conditioner for Bella

Total Cost - USD 670
Still Needed - USD -331
Funded - USD 1,001

Bella, 85, is living in a public housing unit with her 55-year-old unemployed son. Bella’s physical and mental capabilities are deteriorating, and she now has a full-time caregiver through the government.

Bella spends most of her day at home in a wheelchair. Her apartment has no heat or air conditioning. This year’s winter has been especially severe, and Bella has suffered through it.

Bella’s economic situation is rather dire. She and her son live off monthly government stipends, and Bella has numerous debts that need to repaid. There is certainly no money for “extras” like an air-conditioner/heating unit. With a little bit of outside help, Bella can hopefully live her remaining years in relative comfort.

Verified by: Bat-El Davidi, Department of Social Services, Hadera - Senior Citizens | Case No.: 220094
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