After-school program for Tikva’s son

Total Cost - $ 626
Still Needed - $ -5
Funded - $ 631

Tikva, 27, has worked at a call center for the past two and a half years. Despite Corona, she tried to miss as few days as possible. Although her job is full-time, Tikva earns so little that she qualifies for both rent support and social security payments. Recently, Tikva and her co-workers learned that the parent company has decided to close the call center and lay them all off. She has been looking for a new job but has not yet found one.

Tikva participates in a program that helps impoverished women learn to make wise financial decisions, determine what kinds of jobs would be fulfilling for them, and train for them. Tikva has been part of the program for two years. She attends meetings regularly, and the organizers are pleased with her progress.

In order to work, take part in the extra training and, now, look for a new job, Tikva needs coverage for her five-year-old son. Her town runs an afternoon program that she would like him to join. It would be a fun, safe place for him, and it would reassure Tikva that he is being well-cared for after school. On her minimal earnings, however, Tikva cannot afford the cost of the program.

Verified by: Esti Garnick, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Malachi | Case No.: 210715
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