Academic tuition fees for Yaffa

Total Cost - $ 1,447
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,447

This past December, Yaffa’s mother died unexpectedly. Yaffa never knew her father and has no siblings.

Yaffa, 24, is in her last year of law school. She is doing well, loves her studies, and would very much like to finish her degree. But doing so has suddenly become much more difficult. Without the support of her mother’s salary, Yaffa is struggling to cover her tuition.

In addition, Yaffa now has to pay the rent on the apartment that she shared with her mother. She is also trying to pay off her mother’s debts. Her elderly grandparents are her only other family. During the shiva for her mother, Yaffa learned that her grandfather had cancer and needed an immediate operation. Her grandmother also has chronic medical problems. Neither speaks Hebrew or works, so rather than being able to support Yaffa at this challenging time, they need her support.

Yaffa is doing her best to hold herself together, but the pressure of the situation and the concern that she might have to drop out of school or go into an unmanageable amount of debt is causing her to sleep poorly and to manifest signs of post-traumatic stress. Knowing at least that she can continue in school would bring Yaffa great peace of mind.

Verified by: Hadar Schlesinger, Department of Social Services, Holon | Case No.: 190224
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