Tuition for Leah

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Leah, 46, is a very talented and motivated woman. She and her husband, Chaim, have nine children, three of whom are married.

Leah and Chaim’s five-year-old daughter, Michal, has a very rare skin condition. The slightest touch causes her skin to peel off and leads to bruising, bleeding and, possibly, infection. Michal needs hours of care a day, including a special bandaging process.

Leah works full-time as a teacher, so it is Chaim who serves as Michal’s primary caregiver. The family lives very frugally and manages to make ends meet, but just barely.

Leah and Chaim dream of a better lifestyle for their family. Leah, who is currently a very beloved teacher, would like to further her education and become an art therapist. She would then be able to take on extra work and increase her family’s monthly income.

There is no doubt that with a supportive husband and a potential client base that already knows her, Leah could succeed on this new path.

Unfortunately, Leah and Chaim cannot afford the cost of the tuition. If they could get help covering it, there is no doubt that they would be one step closer to improving their family’s quality of life.

Verified by: Lydia Hadad, Department of Social Services, Neve Ya'akov | Case No.: 230068
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