101 beds for children in Bnei Brak

Total Cost - USD 31,420
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 31,420

The Welfare Department in Bnei Brak has notified us of the urgent need for beds for children in their city. They have provided detailed descriptions of the extent of poverty experienced by some of the families they work with.

One of these families consists of nine children living in a 3 bedroom apartment. There are no cupboards and the walls are black from mold. This family has 4 children sleeping together in a single bed.

Another family in need lacks essential household appliances, with no washing machine or working fridge. It was reported last year that their daughters attended school wearing the same unwashed shirt and skirt throughout the entire year. Currently, this family has 5 children on a pull-out couch in the living room.

In addition to the deep levels of poverty we are seeing, some of the families also suffer from other challenges, such as domestic and verbal abuse, health issues, and the responsibility of caring for one or more children with severe disabilities.

One family that we are offering assistance to is facing significant challenges as they have two children with special needs. A 7 year old with a severe level of Down’s Syndrome and a 7 month old experiencing poor eyesight, breathing difficulties, and developmental delays. This family lacks beds for their 3 children to sleep on at night.

Collaborating with Social Services in Bnei Brak, we have identified 101 children within 43 families who are in dire need of our assistance. We are committed to providing these children with a bed to ensure they have a place to sleep at night.

Verified by: Ruty Aizen, Department of Social Services, Bnei Brak | Case No.: 240094
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