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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

We want to help 100 families with day camps and pool memberships/entry cards this summer! Summers in Israel present unique challenges for families with children.  It is a time when many children and teens find themselves bored and without structure.  Day camps, which typically finish by 1 pm, are expensive...

Total Cost - $ 43,605
Still Needed - $ 29,918
Funded - $ 13,687

Navah, 37, and Gilad, 38, have always done their best to raise their eight young children with dignity. Navah works as a sports instructor at a girls’ high school and as a personal fitness coach. Until two months ago, Gilad worked full time as well. Though their combined salaries barely...

Total Cost - $ 835
Still Needed - $ 754
Funded - $ 81

Avia, 20, is doing her best to raise her 18-month-old son, Bar, on her own. Avia herself had a very difficult childhood; she had a volatile relationship with her parents and was socially ostracized in school. As the years went by, Avia displayed at-risk behavior, which included hanging with a...

Total Cost - $ 689
Still Needed - $ 622
Funded - $ 67

Vered, 60, needs our help. Divorced, Vered has two grown children. Her 23-year-old son is currently living with her. Vered suffers from emotional issues for which she is being treated with medication. She also has severe back and pelvic issues which prevent her from working and make day-to-day functioning very...

Total Cost - $ 1,048
Still Needed - $ 548
Funded - $ 500

Talya, 22, and Adam, 27, are certainly doing their best to stand on their own two feet. Both Talya and Adam come from complicated homes and have no family support. Adam is currently taking a course in automotive electronics through social services. He currently has no income but hopes to...

Total Cost - $ 1,584
Still Needed - $ 1,427
Funded - $ 157

Sigal, 48, is going through a very rough time. Divorced for the past four years, she is raising four young children (ages 8-14) on her own. Sigal was in a very unstable marriage and was abused by her husband. She and her children spent a month in a battered women’s...

Total Cost - $ 808
Still Needed - $ 730
Funded - $ 78

Tovit, 20, is an impressive young woman who deserves our help. One of 12 siblings, Tovit’s home life is chaotic. Her father is unemployed, and her mother works as a teacher. A few of Tovit’s siblings suffer from various physical and psychological issues, and there never seems to be enough...

Total Cost - $ 863
Still Needed - $ 778
Funded - $ 84

Ziva, 39, and Aharon, 37, are raising eight young children, ages 2-15. Aharon is currently unemployed, and the family is surviving on a monthly government stipend and Ziva’s disability payments. Ziva has been diagnosed with PTSD which was brought on by things she experienced while completing her army service. In...

Total Cost - $ 1,018
Still Needed - $ 827
Funded - $ 191

Chaim, 33, is divorced and raising his 13-year-old son, Tal, on his own. Chaim’s ex-wife is an alcoholic and cannot be involved in Tal’s care. Unfortunately, Chaim and Tal’s relationship is a volatile one. Tal was sent to a number of boarding schools over the years, but now lives at...

Total Cost - $ 449
Still Needed - $ 333
Funded - $ 116
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