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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Innocent young children should not be sleeping on the floor. Sylvie and Gabi immigrated to Israel from South America 15 years ago. They never truly acclimated and are now struggling to raise their four young children (ages 2 months – 8 years) with dignity. Sylvie runs a small day care...

Total Cost - $ 996
Still Needed - $ 751
Funded - $ 244

Roi is an impressive young man who deserves our help. Roi’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old. He and his four siblings lived with their mother until, in 9th grade, Roi was sent to boarding school. Roi flourished in high school and graduated with all of his matriculation...

Total Cost - $ 507
Still Needed - $ 280
Funded - $ 227

Leah, 62, is divorced and lives on her own. For years, Leah worked as an aide to physically and cognitively challenged individuals. She herself is now dealing with a multitude of physical ailments, including epilepsy, diabetes, cardiac issues, chronic joint pain and an auto-immune condition. She can no longer work...

Total Cost - $ 697
Still Needed - $ 403
Funded - $ 294

Kayla, 18, grew up with nine siblings in an Orthodox home. Kayla’s father supports his family by working long hours and also receives a partial disability stipend each month. Kayla’s mother, who suffers from psychological issues, doesn’t work outside of the home. Kayla is a very introverted and sensitive young...

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ 1,367
Funded - $ 152

Keren and Dudi are going through a very rough period. The couple has six children; one of them, their nine-year-old son, suffers from autism. Yair is very low-functioning and doesn’t speak. He doesn’t recognize dangerous situations and needs round-the-clock care. Keren and Dudi were living a relatively comfortable, calm life...

Total Cost - $ 1,366
Still Needed - $ 904
Funded - $ 461

Carni, 27, is trying to stand on her own two feet. Until she does, however, she needs a helping hand. As a teen, Carni was in a social services program for at-risk youth. She successfully graduated high school with partial matriculation exams. When she was 16, Carni met Maor, and...

Total Cost - $ 315
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 314

Dorit and Elad, both in their 40’s, are raising ten young children (ages 6 months – 16). Elad suffers from gout and, as a result, is in chronic pain. The couple used to live up North and owned a neighborhood newspaper. When a second newspaper started, Dorit and Elad couldn’t...

Total Cost - $ 1,420
Still Needed - $ 1,279
Funded - $ 141

Limor, 30, is raising three young children (ages 1.5-10) on her own. Limor herself came from a very unstable home; at the age of nine, she was sent to boarding school. When she was 18, Limor met her husband, and they had two children together. Throughout her marriage, Limor suffered...

Total Cost - $ 404
Still Needed - $ 185
Funded - $ 219

Ayelet’s story is heartbreaking. Married to Shimon for 14 years, Ayelet suffered emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse. A year ago, after she was nearly beaten to death, Ayelet reported her husband to the police and left him. He is now under house arrest. Ayelet is currently living in a...

Total Cost - $ 1,110
Still Needed - $ 940
Funded - $ 170

Sofi, 30, has her hands full. She is raising four young children (ages 2-9) on her own; their father is in prison and provides no emotional or financial support. Sofi works part-time as an aide to the elderly. She supports herself and her children on her salary, a monthly government...

Total Cost - $ 566
Still Needed - $ 317
Funded - $ 249

Afternoon programs for their two young children (ages 1.5 and 4) will no doubt help Hagit and Ram get back on their feet. Noam, the couple’s youngest child, was born with a severe heart defect. As an infant, he underwent open-heart surgery. He receives a monthly disability stipend. Needless to...

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ 924
Funded - $ 595

Adi is a single mother to two young girls, ages 4 and 5. Adi works as a secretary and does her best to support her small family with dignity. Until now, Adi and the girls have lived in a room in her mother’s house. Adi decided that they need their...

Total Cost - $ 996
Still Needed - $ 823
Funded - $ 173
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